2022 Psychic Readers


marita tarot readingsMarita

Marita has been tapped into the spirit world for as long as She can remember and believe or not, secretly wanted to be a “psychic” when she was a kid! After a “series of unfortunate events,” her love for spirituality and the supernatural deepened and she began reading tarot mostly intuitively. She uses a combination of all the “clairs-“ as well as tarot cards, playing cards, and game cards when doing readings. Marita also uses numerology to interpret angel numbers. Often passed loved ones step forward in readings, and she will always acknowledge their presence for you.

She also coach others on the law of attraction and how to manifest the life of their dreams through events she hosts or individual coaching. Marita has a love people, spirit, and spiritual work and can’t wait to read for you!


Samantha (who answers to ‘Sam’) has been reading her Fairy Tale Tarot deck for over six years. She conveys her intuitively divined messages with a unique brand of humor, compassion, and directness (sometimes swearing, for those less faint-of-heart) revealing options that may have been overlooked . This empowers clients to be the masters of their own destinies.

Whether in a general or more focused reading Sam’s goal is always to give guidance that her querents find helpful, beneficial, and deeply meaningful. Her flexibility and understanding allow her to easily communicate messages to people of varied spiritual walks, from atheist to Christian and more. She is an experienced Reiki practitioner and considers herself an eclectic witch. She is the creator of Illuminative Healing, a channeled energy healing practice. Sam enjoys living her best life in a hobbit hole in the middle of the woods on Witch Mountain.


Paul McCoy has been reading tarot since 1998 for friends and family. He also does work with crystals and stones, making grids and medicine bags. He caretakes several crystal skulls, which assist him in his endeavors. He is also a Reiki master and teacher in Usui and Celtic styles.

Paul received many of his abilities from his ancestors. He is of Celtic, Italian, and Native American decent. He continues his studies in the metaphysical arts in order to gain a better understanding of the world and increase his ability to help those in need.