2019 Workshops


Haints, Boo Hags and the Plat-Eye – The Supernatural world of Hoodoo”
with Jack Montgomery
11:15 am – 12:15 pm
Jack takes us on a fascinating and historical journey through the various supernatural elements to be found in hoodoo culture including ghosts, witches, shape-shifters and vampires. Jack is a musician and university professor and the author of American Shamans: Journeys with Traditional Healers.

The Out-of-Body Self Scan
with Iajahnni
12:45 – 1:45 pm

Reading your own energy field is an invaluable skill. In this worshop Iajahnni will lead you through the process of stepping outside your body and reading the different layers of you aura as well as the immediate area. A psychic is only as good as how well they recognize their own biases; reading yourself during an OBE allows you see past many of your personal blinders. We will discuss: -How to assess your spiritual protections. -Scanning for Thoughtforms and energy cords in your aura. -Recognizing and removing negativity, curses and entities affecting your energy field.

Witchcraft for the Halloween Season
with Kiki Dombrowski
2:15 – 3:15 pm
Don’t you just love the magic of the Halloween season? There is something special and powerful about October – and witches know it. Samhain, often known as the “Witches’ New Year,” is celebrated at the end of October to herald in the darker and cooler months. Though traditionally observed on November 1st, many witches have come to embrace Halloween and all of October as a time steeped in magical power. Join author Kiki Dombrowski in this workshop to conjure the magic and spells of the Halloween season. In this workshop we will practice traditional Halloween divination in class, learn about protection and banishment spells, and discover gods and goddesses associated with this turning point in the year.

Walking the Plant Path
with Sara Schuster
3:45 – 4:45 pm 

Sara is an herbalist, farmer, and plant witch. She’ll discuss ways that she blends her spirituality into her every day life of working with the plants – in her garden, in the woods, and in her home. She’ll also go over rituals to connect with the land you reside upon and the class will close with a guided plant meditation.  Sara’s company is Fox and Elder and she hosts her own podcast, Tending Seeds.

Catholic Conjure
with Doc Bastian
5:15 – 6:15 pm

While conjure is usually considered more of a magical practice than a religious path, many religions add their own flavor to the conjure and rootwork.  New Orleans, with its large Roman Catholic population, is probably the capital of what is known as “Catholic Conjure.” Join Doc Bastian as he takes you on a journey of the Catholic rootworker, how they incorporate the Saints into the practice and how to call on them, and using Catholic tradition, ritual, and iconography for magic.

Foot Tracks in the Dust
with Papa Gee
6:45 – 7:45 pm 

How to collect, work with, and make your own dirts, dusts, and powders in the Southern Folklore Tradition. From Graveyard Dirt, Goofer Dust, Magnetic Sand, Red Brick Dust, and Highly Perfumed Sachets to the dredging flour used in preparing Fried Chicken and the sweet and spicy sprinkles on Cinnamon toast — Powders are everywhere in both African American hoodoo and European American folk magic.

In Papa Gee’s hands-on class, you will earn how to tap into this vital form of magic, and he will guide you as you prepare two powders — one to jinx your enemies and one for the establishment of domestic happiness and prosperity in the home.