2019 Psychic Readers

Suzie Kerr Wright
Suzie brings 30+ years of experience, excitement and fun to the world of metaphysics. Her readings are direct, honest and compassionate and will give you a deep insight into the heart and soul of your situation. She loves to share her knowledge and talent in Astrology, Mediumship and Tarot by teaching and sharing her message of Cosmic Common Sense via many different media outlets including:
Today in Nashville-TV -recurring guest, Hippie Radio-host of the Cosmic Coach Show
Weekly on-air Astrologer WSCA-FM,
Wicked Awesome Fortune Telly Show (talk show), Astrology column writer for Brides.com, Bustle, Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, Elle Decor, Inspire Me Today and many more.
Suzie is available for private readings, house parties and corporate events. Visit www.astrogirl12.com
Vesna Adaeze
Vesna hails from Bosnia with a strong gypsy lineage.
“Generations of Magic, knowledge, and tools have been passed to me. This enables me to assist you with guidance and root work to live your best life.” She uses pendulums, Tarot /Oracle cards, Beans, and Runes with spiritual insight, to give you a candid view of your situation and genuine guidance for your path. She provides you an honest and straight forward picture, as well as, potential solutions to your dilemma. She is well versed in the elements of candle magic, footwork, gypsy magic, necromancy and more.
Vesna takes Credit Cards, Cash, Venmo and Cash App
Deb Randolph
Deb has brought mystical education and training, together with professional intuitive and healing services to the public for over 30 years. Her wide variety of knowledge, experience, and gifts combine for a unique and individual session.
Intuitive readings with Deb often begin with tarot and/or oracle cards. Spirit will tailor your session with Deb by having her incorporate techniques such as Shamanism, Reiki, crystals and quantum energies. She is a conduit who will channel, convey, and interpret messages from your Guides, Angels, deceased loved ones, and other divine entities/energies not in the current realm of your physical presence.
Bring an open mind and open heart to your session and you will receive blessings from Beyond.
Samantha Veach
Samantha (who answers to ‘Sam’) has been reading her Fairy Tale Tarot deck for five years. She recently began reading for local burlesque shows.
She conveys her intuitively divined messages with a unique brand of humor, compassion, and directness (sometimes swearing, for those less faint-of-heart) revealing options that may have been overlooked . This empowers clients to be the masters of their own destinies.
Whether in a general or more focused reading Sam’s goal is always to give guidance that her querents find helpful, beneficial, and deeply meaningful. Her flexibility and understanding allow her to easily communicate messages to people of varied spiritual walks, from atheist to Christian and more. She is an experienced Reiki practitioner, eclectic witch, movie-quoter and burlesque performer.