2018 Workshops

2018 workshops and classes:

11:45 am – Tony Kail & Jack Montgomery –

Minkisi to Nation sacks: charms from their African origins to contemporary Hoodoo.

Description: Various systems of American folk magic including Hoodoo/Root-work, Powwow/Braucherei and Appalachian Granny-Magic incorporate the use of amulets, talismans and hand-made charms to provide a material vehicle for a magical working. Authors Jack Montgomery and Tony Kail will bring the history of these magical vehicles alive in this interactive presentation. Beginning with the use of charms in African traditional Religious cultures to plantations in the Mississippi Delta and Carolina/Georgia coasts, this class explores Magical religious material culture through lecture, slides and hands-on demonstrations.”

1:30 pm – Iajahnni –

Crystal Conjuration: How to use crystals and stones our Ancestors didn’t have access to in contemporary Folk magic.

Lodestones, pyrite and magnetic sand (Magnetite) have been a staple in Hoodoo for years but now so many more minerals are available to us to help empower our magic! Join Iajahnni Von as we explore how to infuse traditional hoodoo spells with the power of crystals. He’ll discuss how to intuitively chose stones for specific workings as well as do a group “Road Opener” Crystal grid spell for the workshop participants.

3:00 pm  – Papa O –

Running the Unwinnable Marathon

Has your life been a marathon of frustration? Has your past been filled with tragedy and chaos, and your future looks like more of the same? Walk with Papa O as he teaches you how to manage the Unwinnable Marathon of Life Learn how to change your past, live your present, and prepare for your future. By following some simple Rootwork truths, you can live a successful life and turn your marathon into a walk in the park.

4:30 pm – Charity Pilkinton –

Introduction to la Santa Muerte

La Santa Muerte is an enigmatic folk saint cloaked in mystery. She is feared by many but venerated by many more. This class serves to educate and enlighten us: in the devotions to The Skinny Lady, Her history and why Her following has exploded in the past 20 years. We will discuss misconceptions about Her and practical ways to work with Her, including Her many colors and symbols. Charity has been working with Señora de las Sombras for 18 years. As her experience with and understanding of la Dama Poderosa has grown.She now wants to share what she has learned with you.

6:00 pm – Papa Gee –

Appalachian Folk Magic.

The people that settled in the Appalachian mountains were influenced by their Celtic heritage and folklore that blended with the magic of the Cherokee people.  These healers of wounds, tellers of fortunes, bee charmers, and water witches didn’t bother to take on grand names or titles. To them, their divine gifts came from God above and was used in everyday life to heal the sick, soothe the soul, and protect your family from those who meant you harm. They knew how to get spirits out the house, to watch the stars to determine when to plant their crops, and were master herbalists and midwives. In this class we will explore the everyday magic of these mountain people and how their ways were influenced by other traditions as well as how they contributed to other well-known paths. This is a slideshow presentation / lecture-style class.