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The 7th annual Tennessee Folk Magic Fest will be Sunday, Sept 8, 2024 from 10 to 8 at AromaG’s Botanica. A mystical day filled with 7 FREE classes, food, door prizes, sales, and psychics readings.  Class lineup and more information are coming soon…..

CLASSES for 2024 – we’re still in the planning phase so some class titles may change:
Tony Kail – Santeria lecture & slideshow
Stephanie Pollack Reed – Appalachian Kitchen Witchery
Heidi Holton – Spiritual Foot Washing
Nikki Jean – Glamour Magic
Papa Gee – Doll Magic
Iajahnni – coming soon….
Reverend Roy – coming soon……

aromaG’s Botanica hosts the 7th annual Tennessee Folk Magic Festival.  Come join us in celebration of all forms of folk magic with SEVEN FREE classes and workshops, plenty of food, door prizes, and psychic readings. We celebrate by coming together for a weekend of community and education about all forms of folkloric stories and traditions.

So, what is “folk magic,” anyway? It is related to the term “folklore,” which generally refers to cultural expressions, such as narratives, jokes, beliefs, proverbs, legends, myths, music, songs, dances, costumes, food, and festivals, through which individuals and groups shape their regional beliefs.

Folk magic refers to a wide range of magical beliefs and rituals that these normal, everyday people usually performed to address community evils such as healing the sick, giving love or luck, driving away bad forces, locating lost items, delivering good harvests, granting fertility, and reading omens. Plants, coins, nails, wood, eggshells, twine, stones, animals, feathers, and other ordinary materials were employed. In some aspects, folk magic can cross over into what is known as “folk religion.”